A Timeless Classic. The Rose.

A Timeless Classic. The Rose.

An Ancient Beauty Secret.

 Rose is an ingredient that needs no formal introduction. It's an iconic flower used all over the world for food, skincare, decor and everything in between. Here at Mina + Moon we love rose in our products, and at home.

Roses have been cultivated for millennia, with the first known instance being tracked to China over 5000 years ago. The alluring rose has been a popular garden flower ever since, and is strongly associated with romance and love of all types. Greek myth states that Aphrodite named the rose after her son Eros by ever so slightly changing the spelling, and it’s also said that Cleopatra, a big fan of the flower, filled her fountains and chamber with rose water and petals to win over the affections of Mark Anthony. 

Use in Skincare Today

As romantic as the history surrounding roses may be, they have versatile practical uses. Rose is filled with minerals and antioxidants, so its oils, waters and other derivatives are great for dry skin. Rosehip seed oil is a great source of vitamins A, C ,D, and E in particular. These properties, along with being a natural astringent means your daily rose skincare products are fighting signs of aging, fine lines, and redness all at once! Why not try a rose powered skin routine for yourself with our Daily Ritual face bundle in Rose Hibiscus. 



A Rose For The Holiday

If you find yourself on the giving or receiving end of a rose this Mother’s Day, why not consider some alternative sources of this versatile plant. A jar of rose jam paired with our Renew Facial Nectar makes a lovely gift, as do pressed and framed roses paired with our Rose + Pink Clay Bar and Rose Hibiscus Botanical Water

Regardless of which rose product you choose, it’ll surely make this spring a sweet one.

                                              x Halle x

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