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BEARD OIL | moisturize . soften . shine
Anthony Farmer, Oakland, CA
The best products.

I have given this beard oil to several of my guy friends and they all love it.

Great scrub

I really like this scrub. It's got a good texture and all of the fragrances smell amazing. It's really important that you DO NOT get water in the container, though. It will definitely disintegrate.

A lovely scrub! Your skin feels smooth and moisturized and the scents are nice and not over powering.

GIFT BOX | bar soap selection
Anthony Farmer, Oakland, CA
The best products.

Every time I order from this amazing company I am never disappointed. The products make great gifts anytime of the year. Great service and I will order again very soon.

The best scrub ever!

I love this scrub! It’s better than scrubs that I’ve tried from well known brands. Usually no matter how much moisturizer I use in the winter, my skin is still dry. Thanks to this scrub, my skin is soft, smooth, and moisturized. The scents are fabulous too. So far I’ve used Warm Honey and look forward to trying the others. You need this scrub!!

Absolutely wonderful love it

Great Product!

I have the foaming scrub in just about every scent. They all smell amazing, but not overpowering and the scent doesn't linger on your skin. I love that scrubs both exfoliate and foam. My skin feels clean and amazing after using any of the available scents. As I said, I love them all, but my favorites are Sparkling Grapefruit, Cranberry Orange, and Eucalyptus Mint. If you haven't tried these, you're missing out!


It was a gift, and all your products are fabulous.

Great Product

I love this and all Mina + Moon products. As part of this order I purchased the grapefruit polish and 4 different foaming exfoliating products. They're all AMAZING! They have a great sent, but no overpowering, which makes them great even for guys. I'll continue to order these again and again. If you haven't tried their products, order won't be sorry!

Beard Products

Bought the beard oill @ Harvest Festival in Clayton all I need is the conditioner and shampoo to go with it hint hint …… Great product love it wish I had it sooner .

CAFE AU LAIT | bar soap
Lucretia Skinner
Cafe latte soap is delish

This so soap smells delicious and feels great on my skin!

Bears oil

My husband looks it.

the grapefruit sugar scrub is perfect for summer

I adore the sparkling grapefruit sugar scrub. The scrub is the perfect consistency, it's exfoliating but not overly abrasive and leaves me feeling smooth and clean. I also really love that it feels moisturizing without leaving a residue. I find myself gravitating toward it for daily use, even after using my old go-to body wash I don't feel as nice and end up washing again with the scrub!

And that smell could be award winning. I also have the toasted almond and fig and while I haven't used it yet the smell is equally as incredible.

so refreshing! pairs great with the Blue Tansy nectar!

This spray is so refreshing, even when my bathroom is hot after a shower the neroli water always feels cool and smells lovely

My dry acne prone skin has never been more beautiful

I absolutely love this oil, it smells amazing, is a beautiful color, and moisturizes my skin without feeling greasy once it absorbs. I love combining it with the Neroli water, one pump is more than enough for my face and I spritz the water after to spread. It's also great for my rough callouses on my hands as well!


Great soap, Feels amazing afterwards!

TUMERIC & HONEY | face + body bar soap


I bought the Cleansing Sugar Scrub (grapefruit) a few weeks ago and love it. It smells wonderful and leaves my skin nice and smooth. I definitely want to get some more.

AMAZING!!!!! I literally put some in my diffuser and it makes the house smell incredible

The best products ever

Once again, you never disappoint. I gave some of your products to friends for the holidays and they all loved it. Even the men. I will order again real soon.

Lightly scented and fast absorbing

I loved the packaging, it was sent with such care to details.
I am looking forward to trying other times in the Mina + Moon product line.

Renew facial oil

My delicate 40-something skin loves this oil!

Love the soaps

Newbie to Face Ritual

I love the packaging and the facial mist. The oil makes my skin feel smooth and soft but not oily. Haven't tried the mask as yet.

SOAP | bar soap assortment bundle
Anthony Farmer, Oakland, CA
The best products ever

My box of soaps smelled and they are the best I have ever had.